Monday, September 3, 2012

Meeting Bonnie's Challenge

Bonnie Hunter has challenged us to put aside an hour a day for handwork, and I'm in!  I love to hand quilt but haven't been doing it much lately; this is just the motivation I need.  Here's the project I'm working on first:
This is a Jan Patek Girl Gang quilt top I made for a shop that I used to make models for.  When I got it out earlier this year, the following conversation ensued:

Me:  I'm going to finish this quilt!
My Family:  Why does it say "02"?
Me:  Because I made it in 2002.
My Family (incredulously) But that's ten years ago!!!
Me: Yes.  (thinking...If they only knew...)

True confessions time:  Remember in 1999 when we all got the Y2K bug and traded 25 squares of fabric and signature squares, with the intentions of making a quilt with 2,000 pieces for the new millenium?  Do you remember seeing my finished quilt on the Internet?  No, you probably don't remember seeing it, because the squares are still sitting in their little envelopes in a box in my closet!   Am I the only one who hasn't started it yet?  My excuse is that I haven't had an idea good enough to start, but you'd think in 13 years something would have occurred to me!  I did a really great job collecting the squares - I have all the states, provinces of Canada, and lots of countries, too.  I can probably make two or three quilts when I get around to it.  I still have all the letters, too.  One of these days I'll reread all of them and start the quilts.

OK, I got off track.  This Girl Gang quilt is really soft and cuddly - it's flannel with a soft batting.  It needs a few hours of hand quilting, and then it will be done, only ten years after it was pieced.  It's also one of the UFOs on the list on my sidebar to get done this year, so I'm off to start right now...


  1. Oh...I can't wait to see this one finished. I have to commend you. I have UFO counted thread pieces older than that! lol

  2. I don't recognize that Girl Gang pattern. I have managed to come up with a few of the pattern sets but I don't know what one your quilt is from. I love Jan Patek's designs. Happy hand quilting!

  3. You are good if that is the oldest UFO you've got. I have one started in 1974! Maybe it will get done someday--in the meantime aren't we all having fun!