Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Lovely Surprise

A nice treat arrived in my mailbox yesterday!  It's a beautiful pincushion from my friend Donna at Brynwood Needleworks.  Donna does wonderful silk ribbon embroidery.  That's one craft I've never really tried, so I'm happy to have this pretty example.  It's on a very sweet little Shakerwood style box.  It's way too pretty to stick pins into, though.  I think it will look very nice on a shelf in my sewing room.

There's a much better picture of it on Donna's website.  Thank you, my friend - I will treasure this!

I haven't posted much lately because I've been off on a quilting cruise to Alaska!  We just got back Monday.  Once I get organized, I'll post some pictures. It was a wonderful time, and if you've been thinking about a quilting cruise, I would highly recommend it.  It was the perfect mix of quilting and sightseeing.


  1. its gorgeous Kathy.xx

  2. I'm so glad it got there safely, Kathy! (I actually like your picture better!) I can't wait to hear all about your cruise, and will look forward to the photos! I'm sure you had a fabulous time.

    Thank you for your friendship. Can't wait to see you next year. (My 40th class reunion is in town August 10th - so far. I'll be there at that time for sure!)

    Have a happy weekend.