Monday, June 1, 2015

Hands 2 Help Reveal

It's time to blog about the quilts we sent for Hands 2 Help!  There were two quilts that I quilted last winter that were sent to Happy Chemo.  The first quilt is this Northern Star quilt.  I made the top to teach a class several years ago, and finally got around to quilting and finishing it over the winter. This was a Quilt In A Day pattern and used the Eleanor Burns Flying Geese ruler.  They work really well!

 The quilting on this one was a loopy meander with stars.  This quilt ended up 60" x 77", so it's a little longer than requested, but I think it would make a great lap quilt for a tall guy.  The fabric was a Holly Taylor winter line with lots of moose, bears and pine trees.  I loved the dark red in that line - it looks like suede and is the perfect shade of red.

The second quilt I sent was Mix and Match, a quilt I made last year in a Labor Day Quilt-Along presented by Denise Russert.  This was a fun, easy pattern and one that I will probably make again with I Spy fabrics for my next kid's charity quilt.  This quilt ended up 55" x 67" so it's the perfect size for a lap quilt.  It's much prettier than this picture shows - the fabrics are mostly from Me and My Sister.  I always love their bright and cheerful prints.

 This one is quilted with freestyle flowers and dragonflies.  A lot of the fabric on the front is flowers, so that seemed to fit.

These were fun to make!  I mailed them to Emily at Happy Chemo on Friday, so they are supposed to get there by June 6.  It's kind of nerve-wracking to put quilts in the mail - I always feel a lot better once they get there.  Thanks, Sarah, for organizing this again this year!