Monday, June 1, 2015

Hands 2 Help Reveal

It's time to blog about the quilts we sent for Hands 2 Help!  There were two quilts that I quilted last winter that were sent to Happy Chemo.  The first quilt is this Northern Star quilt.  I made the top to teach a class several years ago, and finally got around to quilting and finishing it over the winter. This was a Quilt In A Day pattern and used the Eleanor Burns Flying Geese ruler.  They work really well!

 The quilting on this one was a loopy meander with stars.  This quilt ended up 60" x 77", so it's a little longer than requested, but I think it would make a great lap quilt for a tall guy.  The fabric was a Holly Taylor winter line with lots of moose, bears and pine trees.  I loved the dark red in that line - it looks like suede and is the perfect shade of red.

The second quilt I sent was Mix and Match, a quilt I made last year in a Labor Day Quilt-Along presented by Denise Russert.  This was a fun, easy pattern and one that I will probably make again with I Spy fabrics for my next kid's charity quilt.  This quilt ended up 55" x 67" so it's the perfect size for a lap quilt.  It's much prettier than this picture shows - the fabrics are mostly from Me and My Sister.  I always love their bright and cheerful prints.

 This one is quilted with freestyle flowers and dragonflies.  A lot of the fabric on the front is flowers, so that seemed to fit.

These were fun to make!  I mailed them to Emily at Happy Chemo on Friday, so they are supposed to get there by June 6.  It's kind of nerve-wracking to put quilts in the mail - I always feel a lot better once they get there.  Thanks, Sarah, for organizing this again this year!


  1. Lovely to see what everyone has made!

  2. Congratulations on finishing these wonderful quilts to send off. Your generosity is so inspiring. Love the quilting too! Won't these quilts be loved!

  3. I always think the quilts you give away should be as pretty as the ones you keep and yours are. See you soon.

  4. Kathy, your quilts are wonderful!! Thanks so much for participating in the Challenge again this year!!

  5. Both quilts are amazing. I really like the green quilt. I will need to look for this pattern.