Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye, January...

I don't know about you, but I'm always happy to turn the calendar over from January to February.  I'm not really a winter gal, so I'm happy to see January go.   We are supposed to get a real whopper of a snowstorm the next couple days, along with half the rest of the country!  We've been out shovelling the first inch of snow.  I think the snowblower will be coming out tomorrow morning.

Just under the wire, I finished UFO #3 in the 2011 UFO Challenge.

This was the 2010 Summer Freebie from Primitive Gatherings.  For the last couple years, they've had a deal where they give out a free kit for a small block each week if you make another purchase.  I also buy their Block a Week (more of my UFOs!), so I've gotten the freebie kits as well.  I finished mine differently than they did.  I had some neat Remembrance fabric I wanted to use for the border.  So one UFO can be crossed off the list!  I'm better at finishing the freebie blocks than the others - these are only about 4" each, so they went pretty fast.  Now I need to finish the other Block a Week (for the last two years!)

Do you think we will get a snow day tomorrow?  That would be OK!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Kathy! I love the way you chose to finish yours!! Congratulations on a beautiful finish!

  2. Great finish! I am always pleased to see February arrive....January is a bit surreal Feb everything starts to settle down again ......and I am not a summer girl so it means that Autumn isn't too far away.....we have had a mild-ish summer up to now...but the heat has really arrived now! Hope you got your snow day....we don't get "heat" days...but it would be nice! :)