Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hands 2 Help Link-up

Can it be June 2 already?  It's time for our Hands 2 Help linkup.

Both my quilts are done, and just came out of the dryer.  They're both really warm and cuddly!

The first quilt is Times Three, which will be going to Happy Chemo.
I couldn't seem to get the whole quilt into the picture, but you get the idea!  This quilt has lots of fun stuff for a little boy - robots, cars, cats, Pokemon and pirates.  I hope it makes some little boy's chemo a little easier.  It has flannel on the back, so it's pretty cuddly.

The second quilt is going to Quilters Without Borders.   This one is full of happy, bright dinosaurs.

I had some fun with free-motion quilting with variegated thread on this quilt.  It's not perfect, but this quilt won't fall apart!

So now I need to find boxes to pack these quilts up and send them off to the correct places.  This was a lot of fun again this year, so "thank you" to Sarah at Confessions of a Quilt Addict for putting this program together for us.

I have one other finish to show for May.  On the cruise last August, we started this wall hanging, called Friendship Garden.
I believe this pattern was in one of the recent issues of Primitive Quilts and Projects, also.  The piecing was pretty quick, as it used a jelly roll.  We also added wool appliques and English paper piecing.   It took me awhile to get it finished because I hand-quilted it.  I used to do a lot of hand-quilting, but I haven't done much for awhile, and I was a little rusty.  This wall-hanging brings back fond memories of the cruise.  This quilt is hanging in my sewing room.

Now I've got to get back out to the garden and devise some way to keep the critters away from my tomato plants. Spring has finally come to Wisconsin, and everything is planted, so the critter-watch has begun!


  1. They are both so bright and fun! I'm sure they will be much appreciated in both places. Love the quilting in the dinosaur quilt closeup.

  2. Kathy, you did a great job with your two boy quilts!!! They will make their new owners very happy, I'm sure. Thanks so much for participating in the challenge this year!!

  3. What wonderful children's quilts, Kathy! They are going to be loved and appreciated, I just know. I also love your hanging from the cruise. It will look great in your sewing room!

    I'll send you an email this week. We've had a little change of plans for our travels this summer. I hope to see you in August.

    Glad your growing season has finally begun. It's about time, right? ;-)


  4. Love the bright quilts. And the FMQ is wonderful.

  5. All of these quilts are looking fantastic thanks for the sharing.

  6. Your quilts are beautiful. I always struggle with quilts for boys and yours are perfect.

  7. Your quilts are awesome. Someone is going to love and treasure them.

  8. Times Three turned out well; it is a great pattern for novelty prints.

  9. You are an awesome quilter indeed! Just keep up the good work and share more like it.