Friday, February 1, 2013

February Goals

I'm glad to welcome February.  Winter isn't my favorite season, so I'm always happy to see January go.  (And February and March, too, for that matter! LOL)

Posting our goals does seem to help - I got all of January's goals accomplished.  I have plenty of UFOs left, so here are February's goals:
 1.   Quilt and bind this kid's quilt.  This will be a charity quilt from the pattern "Times Three."  The large blocks are about 9", so it was a good place to put some of my fun novelty prints.  I used mostly boy prints in this quilt.    I plan to free-motion quilt this one.  It's already basted, so I just have to quilt and bind.

2.  Finally finish this quilt, 11 years later!  I got it out in September when Bonnie Hunter had her hand-quilting challenge, and I've been working on it since then, off and on.  It's finally quilted, so just needs binding and sleeve.  I love the feel of this quilt - it's mostly flannel, and is very soft and cuddly with the Thermore batting.

 3.  Hand quilt this wall hanging I made on the cruise last year.  I love it, but didn't want to start another hand-quilting project until I had the last one out of the hoop.  This can happen now!

4.  Finish the appliques on my Primitive Gatherings Block of the Week freebie quilt from last summer.  I have all the elements Lisa provided for us fused on, and they just need to be stitiched.  For the open areas, we are supposed to personalize the rest of it with our own "Favorite Things".  This has been a huge challenge for me.  Drawing is not a skill I possess, so we'll see what I come up with.  I think I finally have some ideas, so I'll try to get them drawn out this weekend.  She covered most of my favorite things with the center, so I'm having a hard time with what else to put on here!

So, that's it for February goals!  It's bitter cold here this morning, still below 0 F, and windy, too, so we're inside again this weekend.  Here's Holly, wondering why I'm standing on the sofa to take pictures:
 I'm not going outside to get good pictures today, even if it is sunny and bright.  It looks much warmer than it feels.  Come on, spring!


  1. All beautiful projects! And so happy to read that I'm not the only one standing on the sofa to take pictures! I get that same look from our dog. :-)

  2. Wow! what great quilts you will be working on this month.

  3. I'm excited about your February goals. Fun projects to keep you indoors cuz 'baby it's cold outside'. :-)

  4. What great quilts you have for Feb goals. And if it stays that cold you'll be inside a lot :-)

  5. Wow!! Seems as though you are asking a lot of yourself!! Good luck accomplishing your February goals!!

  6. Hey Kathy,
    just checking in to see how your UFOs are coming along. I hope winter is not be too rough where you live. stay warm!