Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Done!

The Professional Tote by The Creative Thimble
A few months ago, I saw The Professional Tote on another blog, and decided that was exactly what I need for traveling.  When my friend Donna and I went on our own personal quilt shop hop a couple weeks ago, my primary quest was fabric to make this tote bag.  When we walked into the second quilt shop, the owners were just unwrapping the new fabric from Buggy Barn, and Donna and I were both drawn to the wonderful paisleys and colors of this fabric.

I wasn't sure if I had what it took to make this bag - it has 3 zippers, two velcro tabs, two cord locks, and a ton of topstitching, not to mention sewing through interfacing everywhere - sometimes many layers of fabric and interfacing.  The pattern is great - it looked intimidating at first, but if you follow the instructions step by step, it goes very well.  I got to use lots of little-used features on my sewing machine, like the zipper foot, buttonhole foot, and topstitching foot!  I guess I'm used to doing quilts - I was wondering if I'd be able to get this bag done before my trip later this summer.  It never occurred to me that I'd be able to make it in a weekend LOL.

This is the back side of the bag.  The feature that sold me on this pattern is that horizontal strap right above the pocket.  It's a strap that slides over the handle of your rolling suitcase, so the bag will sit on top of it and not slide off to the side.   The pockets at the sides have cord locks and elastic cord, so your water bottle or umbrella can be cinched up in there.

The inside is also a Buggy Barn fabric.  There is a key fob, zippered pocket, velcroed pocket, and three other pockets inside as well.   The top zips shut to keep everything inside safe.  When you get done with this bag, there are no raw seams left exposed.

The only thing I'd do differently if I make this again is make the zippers all zip the same direction (duh!).  I didn't realize until I was done that the top zipper zips left to right, and the inside pocket zips right to left.  Maybe I can consider that feature a pickpocket deterrent.

I can't wait to go somewhere so I can use this!


  1. well done! great looking are braver than me...I would have run a mile just thinking about multiple zips and pockets!

  2. Kathy, dear:
    Your tote is perfect! I love that fabric, and you did a great job. I'm sure it will be your 'go-to' bag!