Sunday, January 29, 2012

Full House Done!

This year I decided to participate in the A Year of Schnibbles - at least for January!  Here's my version of Tiny Town made with the Full House pattern.  Mine is a pillow, and is done, done, done!  YAY!  This was a fun little project, and it feels great to get something done start to finish, all in the same week.

I decided to have it open in the back and put buttons so that I could store it without the pillow form.  The back took nearly as long as the front.  It used the leftover layer cake fabric from the Wrapped in Paisley Quilt kit,  so that part was easy.   After I had it pieced, I decided to add the button strip.  Then I took it off to quilt the back (duh).  Then I put it back on.  Then I made the buttonholes.  I never sew clothes, so I had to learn how to make buttonholes with my machine.  That was a very steep (almost vertical) learning curve LOL.  Every time I started a buttonhole, the machine would sew for a bit, and then just stop moving.   Finally figured out that part of the buttonholer moves out of the back of the machine and was hitting the cabinet, which I couldn't see because the fabric was on top of all that.  Once I took the machine out of the cabinet, it was clear sailing after that.

This is the back.  I wanted to use some buttons out of my grandmother's button box.  I wonder what these were on - there were seven of them, and they are nearly 1 1/2" each.  I'd love to see the dress these adorned! 

So, this will be my entry into the Schnibbles parade for January.  Feels good to have this done, and I really like it.  Now I just need to get the quilt it goes with quilted, and I'll be ready for Christmas!



  1. It's wonderful! Love how you finished it!

  2. I just came over from the "parade". I love your little pillow and those buttons are awesome.

  3. What a cute pillow! You must be thrilled with it :-) The back I lovely too!